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Educational Policy

Aeronautics and Astronautics Course places emphasis on fundamental education, instead of imparting a large volume of technical knowledge, so as to train promising future researchers and engineers with solid fundamental scholarship in the full spectrum of engineering and the ability to fully and creatively mobilize and apply such scholarship. In other words, lectures, experiments, seminars and practical training and exercises are arranged in such a way as to enable the students to thoroughly acquire the fundamental principles of physics, mathematics, various branches of dynamics, etc. through many hours of study, thereby cultivating their intellectual competence and the ability to think, apply and create.

The emphasis in the curriculum in this Course is individualized instruction through small-size classes (an established feature of the School) and seminars. Considering that future progress in science and technology is likely to affect an ever-diversifying range of fields, greater importance is attached to student individuality in instruction. Small-size seminars and special individual research aim at drawing out students' individuality and spontaneity, developing their ability to identify problems, design and execute research projects, and propose and verify solutions. Training is also provided in written and oral presentations, discussions and English-language competence. Education is therefore designed from a broad standpoint, with emphasis also placed on developing the students' ability to conduct research and engage in international interaction.

Through such an educational program, it is expected that the students will also acquire the ability to strategically plan and manage research and development, as well as other societal activities expected of them once they enter the professional world. They are expected to develop into proactive and responsible persons who actively contribute to and lead the development of aerospace engineering and other fields of advanced engineering and demonstrate their creativity and leadership in various quarters of society, flexibly adapting to differing situations.