The School of Engineering Science has an integrated four-year educational program providing educatin in liberal arts subjects, basic engineering subjects and specialized engineering subjects covering a wide range of branches of engineering science.

In the first and second years, the students study the fundamentals of solid and fluid dynamics, material science, electromagnetic dynamics and thermal dynamics in basic common subjects, founded on basic knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry.

In the second, third and fourth years, the students receive education corresponding to their future area of specialization in their Course or Sub-Course chosen in the first semester of the second year.

Once the students are divided into the Mechanical and Systems Engineering Course, the Materials Science Course, the Aeronautics and Astronautics Course, the Energy Science Sub-course, and the Nuclear Engineering sub-course, they pursue more specialized studies corresponding to their future area of specialization. Each Course or Sub-Course has a systematic curriculum to train students as future leading engineers or researchers in various branches of engineering science. Main subjects treated in each Course or Sub-Course include: material, thermal and fluid dynamics and properties, quantum physics as their foundation, and analysis, design, production and control of mechanical systems in the Mechanical and Systems Engineering Course; micro- and nano-structure control of materials, environment-friendly processing, electronic, magnetic and dynamic properties and functions, and material design and nano-technology based on the quantum theory and thermal dynamics in the Material Science Course; conversion and utilization technology of various forms of energy and physical properties, generation and recycling of materials in the Applied Energy Science and Engineering Course; nuclear energy and quantum beam theory based on micro-level physics in the Nuclear Engineering Course; and basic subjects related to aerospace engineering in the Aeronautics and Astronautics Course.

Classes by Undergrad. Dept. of Engineering Science


A list of technical classes provided by Undergraduate Department of Engineering Science.

More detailed information on the curriculum of the respective Courses, including presentations of some of the courses, can be viewed on the websites of the respective Courses.
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