Undergraduate Department of Engineering Science: Mission

Engineering Science concerns the application of scientific laws to production, as well as a systematized, creative and intellectual activity that aims at creating new technology conducive to fulfilling humanity's various dreams. The Undergraduate Department of Engineering Science, which is dedicated to basic education for the research and development of new science and technology relative to mechanical systems, materials, energy, aeronautics and astronautic activities and so on, conducted on the foundation of knowledge in physics and related fields, aims at educating students with specialized skills and knowledge and a broad vision.

Undergraduate Department of Engineering Science: Features

Course/Sub-Course system to satisfy the students' scientific curiosity

The Undergraduate Department of Engineering Science is organized into the following undergraduate course programs: Mechanical and Systems Engineering Course, Materials Science Course, Aeronautics and Astronautics Course, Energy Science Sub-course, and Nuclear Engineering sub-course. All of the above are electives taken from the first semester of second year.

The department provides integrated education, supplemented by highly specialized education typical of each Course or Sub-Course.

Interdisciplinary specialized education in liaison with graduate departments

The Department's undergraduate education, provided in liaison with the Graduate School of Engineering, the Graduate School of Energy Science and the Graduate School of Informatics, lays the groundwork for advanced graduate education and research.

Favorable employment prospects

Graduates from the Department are sought after as excellent human resources in all engineering fields.