Campus Life

Kyoto University has various facilities not only for academic pursuit but also for cultural/sport clubs and circles activities.

Life in Kyoto University

Student A

When I entered the university, I didn't think much about the School of Engineering Science or any specific field. I didn't actually think much about the course allocation, either.
I was a good student attending most classes when I was freshman, but I began to skip classes and work harder on my circle activities. So, in my fourth year, I found I had not acquired enough credits, and I was very busy in the first semester of my fourth year attending classes and studying for the graduate school entrance exam. I studied extremely hard during this period. After the entrance exam of the graduate school, I worked hard for the graduation thesis.

Student B

When I was a freshman, I spent two hours every day commuting from my house. But it was too hard, so I found an apartment. I went to my clubroom every day after classes because the club activity started at 6:00 pm. We negotiated with the University and got new equipment for the club. I was so happy. We participated in a national championship tournament.

Student C

I became interested in energy-related issues when I was in high school, so even before entering the university I was determined to enter the Applied Energy Engineering Course. In the first year, we were required to take the School's common subjects. Students start taking specialized subjects in the second year, and since the Applied Energy Engineering Course requires almost all basic subjects, students can acquire a wide range of basic knowledge. I remember that in my first and second years I was very busy working part-time and attending classes. In the third year, in addition to students' experiments, classes on knowledge required for laboratory studies increased, but since I worked hard in my first and second years, I think I had mostly free time in my third year. The fourth year, after being assigned to a laboratory, was extremely busy studying for the graduate school entrance exam during the first semester and working on the special research project (graduation thesis) during the second semester.