Admission Policy

In the Applied Energy Engineering Sub-course of the School of Engineering Science, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University, students learn systematic knowledge effective for the development of sustainable energy society, in the Kyoto University's traditional "liberal academic culture." In its educational policy, the Faculty of Engineering has consistently placed the highest priority on learning the basics, under the strong belief that learning fundamental theories is requisite to enable a wide range of applications in the future. We welcome students who have strong intention to work on the energy problems, today's urgent issues, with a broad vision.

Characteristics of suitable students

For effective education, we welcome entrants described as follows :

  1. Those who have thorough understanding of the subjects taught at high school and have sufficient academic abilities to receive education on basic scientific theories at the Faculty of Engineering.
  2. Those who are willing to see and confirm things with their own eyes and try to understand them, without being restrained by existing concepts.
  3. Those who have creative intention to pioneer a new world with great vitality.