Undergraduate Course Program of Mechanical and Systems Engineering

Mechanical engineering in Kyoto University has a history of over 100 years since the Department of Mechanical Engineering was established at the time of the foundation of Kyoto Imperial University in 1897. Mechanical engineering studies in Kyoto University have always played a central role in the field of engineering, marked by research and education that are always ahead of social trends. Mechanical engineering originated from the manufacturing of traditional tools, which were then replaced by the machinery of mass production enabled by the Industrial Revolution, and today, a wide variety of devices in areas ranging from micro to macro are being manufactured, incorporating electrical, electronic and information-based technologies. A large number of graduates of our group of mechanical engineering departments have been involved in developments in these fields.

The Mechanical and Systems Engineering Courseaims to train students to be able to understand scientific laws and apply these laws to manufacturing. Based on material/thermal/fluid dynamics and material physics, mechanical dynamics, vibrationtheories, control theories, etc., the Course teaches design, manufacturing, analysis, diagnosis and control of mechanical systems and their elements. Through this educational program, the Course cultivates engineers and researchers who have potential to be the leaders of society, with a broad vision seeking coexistence of humans and nature in terms of energy, environment, living, life, medicine, etc., as well as with the capacity to set and overcome challenging tasks.