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Research Introduction

For information about the Mechanical and Systems Engineering Course's laboratories and the faculty research themes, see the links below.

Websites of Graduate School Departments

Websites of the Graduate School of Engineering departments to which the faculties of the Mechanical and Systems Engineering Course belong. The "laboratories nad faculties" page has outlines of their research.

Websites of laboratories

Link to websites operated by laboratories of faculties in the Mechanical and Systems Engineering Course. B.S. thesis examples for each laboratory are presented.

Introduction to research for prospective students

This page introduces prospective students to the attractions of research activities.

Open Campus Information

The Undergraduate Department of Engineering Science offers introductions to the research of each lab on one page, as material for Open Campus for prospective students.

  • Go to Open Campus page of the School of Engineering Science

Kyoto University database

Database of researchers and research achievements of Kyoto University. For professionals.